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   US Claims Self-Defense in Afghanistan


US Army claimed that its troops opened fire in self-defense on the worst ever anti-American riot after being shot at by the crowd and was unable to pin down the actual casualty numbers.

Three days ago, a US Army convoy coming down the hill north of capital Kabul. One of the trucks had a brake failure and capsized inadvertently killing five people. A crowd of 500 started rioting throwing stones at the convoy even as Afghani policemen formed a line to protect the convoy. Soon, another US Army convoy came to the spot which claims that it was shot at. They used machine guns to fire over the heads of the crowd to disperse it. The crowd broke only to regroup and destroy a private television station, an American aid office, before reaching the Parliament and the US Embassy.

The resultant violence killed 7 people although there are reports which say 20 people died.

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