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   Govt Shrugs on OoP Return


The Government seems to be shrugging off President Abdul Kalam’s action to return the “Office of Profit” bill asking it to apply more thought to the definition, process, and procedures of the bill. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was quoted as saying that the bill was fine as it is when every major newspaper, Constitutional lawyer, and thinker has said the opposite. In any case, after a meeting with Kalam, Singh said that he would leave the decision to the Cabinet.

With so many communists and allies on the list to be disqualified which will result in the fall of the Government or at least a regime change with someone like Arjun Singh assuming the top spot, analysts say that the Government may resubmit the bill immediately with minor or cosmetic changes.
The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, festering in internal feuds, deaths, and desertions, seems to have gotten a fresh lease of life. They are asking the Election Commission (EC) to disqualify the Members of Parliament immediately and in a bizarre demand asked Congress President Sonia Gandhi to quit the Lok Sabha again. Instead of these unproductive demands, they should be demanding a debate to finesse a process that will take the nation forward.

If the Cabinet were to return the bill, the President would have to sign it. Although experts say that he could sit on the bill “for consideration” and therefore suffocate it. However, the EC will be unable to take any action because of the law in process.

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