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   50 Taliban Dead, Riots against US


US Planes bombed a mosque in Halmand in Southern Afghanistan killing 50 Taliban terrorists including several unspecified Taliban leaders; the Taliban has not responded to this claim.

This bombing is part of ongoing US-led offensive against the Taliban terrorists in Southern Afghanistan for the last two weeks. Over 300 people, mostly terrorists, soldiers, and some civilians have been killed in these operations.

The Taliban have been extremely active in the South recently and have often unleashed brutal frontal attacks. A week ago, a large force of terrorists attacked Halmand leaving behind 105 dead.

A Canadian force attacked the Taliban near Kandahar killing 5 terrorists and ending up with 5 injured soldiers. Over 3000 villagers have fled from the scene of this action.

Indian workers in Afghanistan have been frequent targets of the terrorists. To protect aid workers, India has dispatched more Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel . Recently, an Indian telecom engineer was beheaded and Taliban claims that it did that at the behest of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). India has promised to raise this issue with Pakistan when it meets next week.

A deadly traffic accident inspired hundreds of Afghanis in Kabul to riot violently destroying shops, police glass booths, burning police vehicles, and even beating up a civilian. The rioters protested against the US shouting “Death to America.”

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