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   Osama Absolves Moussaoui of 9/11


Osama bin Laden absolved Zacharias Moussaoui of any part in plotting the 9/11 terrorist event that killed 3000 people and sparked a global war on terror that resulted in the ouster of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Moussaoui is the only man convicted of the crime but got only a life term  while prosecutors were expecting a death sentence. Bin Laden made this claim in an audio tape uploaded on a web site, but the authenticity of the voice could not be verified.

A former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) unit head Michael Scheuer hunting bin Laden said that US West Asia policy has given a major boost to bin Laden’s image in that region. “Today, bin Laden, al Qaeda and their allies have only one indispensable ally—the US foreign policy towards the Islamic world.” He blamed the Iraq invasion and the prolonged presence there is making bin Laden a hero and the al Qaeda the savior. Scheuer also said that the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison have created a situation which is “increasing Muslim hatred for Americans simply because they are Americans.”

Meanwhile, in a very controversial case, a Pakistani man was convicted by a New York court after they found him guilty of plotting to bomb the third busiest public transport station. The New York police had a paid informant who ensnared the Pakistani youth, Martin Siraj, and coaxed him into a plot. The Egyptian born informant would patrol Muslim populated areas to prove that Islam is safe and extremism was limited to only a few individuals. About half of the jury questioned the Constitutional validity of the police to ensnare potential victims with inciting tapes, literature, and information so they can gain a conviction.

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