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   EU Reveals Plan to Placate Iran


The European Union (EU) 3 countries Britain, France, and Germany revealed a proposal that offers Iran a new nuclear plant, a consortium-based guaranteed fuel supply, warplanes, and recognition of boundaries. The deal asks Iran to cease its enrichment plans, abandon the heavy-water facility at Arak, and stop all research and development work on nuclear enrichment.

The proposal also outlines a list of possibilities that will be invoked if Iran rejects this proposal. These include rejection of visas to senior Iranian officials and their families, freezing of assets of Iranians and companies, and trade sanctions.

The United States has not approved the plan and will provide an answer in London where it will meet the other so-called permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and Germany.

Iran has so far ridiculed the EU proposal  and has been negative on a Russian plan that proposes to enrich uranium solely for Iran in Russia. The EU proposal is a variation of the Russian proposal that says that the plant in Russia will be consortium—which is a demand from Iran, and not just a Russian one. India has supported the Russian proposal and should not have any reservation on the EU proposal which only sweetens the offer.

Circumstantial evidence makes the international community suspicious that Iran is developing bomb grade uranium enrichment facility to augment its bomb program. Iran rejects this charge and says that as a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) it is eligible to enrich uranium for power generation purposes. Everyone agrees that signatories of NPT are eligible for enrichment of uranium. However, the lack of adequate reporting, hiding illegal purchases from disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan, possible secretive programs recently discovered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) does not infuse confidence in what Iran says. Moreover, a stringent of virulent statements against the Jewish people and Israel, the lack of recognition of Israel’s right to exist, and the overt support to certain terrorist groups in Palestine makes the world community nervous about Iran’s intentions.

A report by the British paper The Telegraph quoted unnamed sources with the Iranian establishment citing advanced and bombing making efforts in the Imam Hossein University. National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) leader Alireza Jafarzadeh has named 21 professors and researchers involved in nuclear work in this University and accused many of them as being part of the 1979 revolution against the Shah of Iran and which occupied the US Embassy in Iran and held its employees hostage. Israeli Ben-Gurion Professor Zeev Alfassi has theorized that Iran may already have a bomb and is being “smart” negotiating a good deal from the world but rejected the notion that it will ever use it on Israel. Alfassi thinks that the US will destroy Iran if it did use it on Israel.

Noted strategic writer K. Subhramanyam has advanced a theory that the US is being held hostage by the Pakistani military establishment through its nuclear weapons and the threat of non-cooperation should materials be stolen by terrorists in collusion with establishment radicals. He also postulated the theory that Pakistan has taught Iran its position to threaten hitting India should it be threatened and has encouraged that country to threaten hitting Israel in case of military action against it. He also questioned why the US is not calling the Pakistani bluff and demanding access to A.Q. Khan who has received official pardon and is held in house arrest and away from IAEA investigators. Besides, only recently, Pakistan accepted responsibility for aiding in the export of nuclear bomb technology to Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Syria..

The US Administration recently announced its decision to reopen the Khan nuclear market case and indicated that it will be pressing Pakistan for access and information.