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   Freight Corridor on, Speed Trains No


A high level committee chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh rejected a proposal to built a Bullet Train network in the nation for passenger traffic but accepted the plan to built a dedicated freight train corridor at a projected cost estimate of USD 5.06 billion.

Currently, freight trains go at an average of 25 kilometers an hour (kmph) and have the last priority on the tracks although they are the highest revenue earner for the Indian Railways. With this proposal, the dedicated corridor will give the freight trains the topmost priority and trains can travel at 80-90 kmph.

Providing reasons for the rejection of the new high-speed passenger corridor, the Committee said that Bullet Trains need newer coaches, locomotives, and signaling. Moreover, the cost of building a high-speed passenger network will cost USD 15.7 million and would cost USD 22.5 billion just for the 2800 Mumbai-Delhi-Kolkata line.

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of its Shinkansen (bullet train) technology, Japan had offered help for India to build a bullet-train network.

Indian Railways is the largest rail company in the world in terms of number of passengers it carries every day and the size of the network.

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