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   Lower Bar for Teachers


In a bid to recruit more teachers in colleges, the Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministry is lowering educational standards further with a proposal to abolish National Entrance Test (NET) requirements for those with MPhil and PhD candidates. The NET was created in 1983 as a means of standardizing quality across different Universities across the country so children will have the best talent teaching them. To be eligible to teach now, the prospective teacher needs to get 55% and it is 50% for Scheduled Class, Scheduled Tribe, or visually challenged candidates.

With many MPhil and PhD students failing NET, a serious shortage of teaching staff in colleges, and the Government’s plan to increase number of seats in colleges to get in retrograde reservation policies through, the HRD sees the only way to get its way is to lower the standard. Through this method, the HRD believes that they can stuff colleges with teachers who do not fully understand what they teach.

Facilitated by Non-Government Organization (NGO) Pratham, a study revealed "alarming" trends in what the children were learning. It says that irrespective of age, class level, or type of school, "the level of arithmetic is weak and needs serious improvement." It urges the Government to address these issues if it wants to make good the promise of making education a fundamental right of the child. With formative education itself is bad, the new proposal will ensure mediocrity in rest of education too.

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