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   Rural Maharashtra a Terror Safe Haven


An anti-terror squad (ATS) of the Mumbai police raided a safe house of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) in Nashik and seized dreaded ammunitions and weapons and literature that talked about bombing the millenniums old Ellora Caves near Aurangabad. The ammunitions were seized from an electronics shop in Malegaon, a place notorious for communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims. A 28-year-old doctor was arrested in Malegaon for assisting the LeT find a safe house to hide their weapons.

This operation came from the arrest of 4 LeT men in Aurangabad also with many sophisticated assault weapons and over 30 kilograms of RDX. Another arms cache was also unearthed in Manmad. 

Sounding an ominous note, Maharashtra police chief Parischa said, “We believe that there could be more explosives in the rural areas.”

It is imperative that India finds solutions to plugging sources that allow the transport of ammunitions and explosives into the country including legislation that would make housing or providing sanctuary to weapons or ammunition a serious criminal offense. Further, their needs to be a fair and swift judicial process making it hard for terrorists and criminals to get away.

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