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   Pakistan Admits to Nuclear Bomb Exports


After consistently denying any official knowledge of export of nuclear bomb proliferation by disgraced scientist A.Q. Khan, Pakistan finally admitted that such proliferation did take place to North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Syria. Pakistan says that a report on this has been shared with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and “relevant” countries. President Pervez Musharraf issued an official pardon when Khan confessed to his profiteering and has placed him under house arrest. Pakistan refuses access to him severely hampering investigations on ongoing investigation on Iran’s nuclear program.

After Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presentation on his country’s progress with nuclear technology, there is increased fear that Khan might have divulged designs of next generation P2 centrifuges. There was at least one report that said that preliminary investigations of Iran nuclear fuel processing showed bomb grade material. This report still needs validation.

If this should be confirmed, India should demand at the IAEA and the United Nations that any sanction on Iran or even talk of it should involved demanding international and unbiased investigation into the Khan nuclear bazaar. It should further demand that the international community’s investigators should have access to Khan and the results of the investigation made available to IAEA members.

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