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   Agricultural Work Plan with Israel


India and Israel will sign a first-of-its kind work plan for a 3 year engagement that would cover joint research, development of businesses, and technology transfer regimes. Federal Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar along with a delegation from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Nagaland are visiting Israel.

The work plan will cover agri-business project development, collaboration in research and development, exchanges between academics and farmers, and joint gene bank development. Israel will transfer technologies and techniques to manage post-harvest scenarios, adding value to fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, energy and cost efficient greenhouse structures, and water management including reclaiming domestic wastewater for agriculture use. Eighty percent of all water used for agriculture in Israel comes from wastewater reclamation. 

The two countries will collaborate in researching crop-specific irrigation and fertilization schedules for Indian crops such as mangos, pomegranates, tomato, garlic, and capsicum. Additionally, they will establish a joint fund for research and development and seed money for joint projects promoting innovation in agriculture.

India will also learn from Israel’s Extension Service System that provides farmers with real-time solution and access to agricultural know-how. 

India can learn a lot from Israel on how well it manages scarce water, use of drip irrigation, and sparse use of fertilizer, crop rotation, and desert reclamation.

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