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   UNHRC Calls for Israel, Palestinian Restraint


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbours said that the Israel and Palestine region is on the verge of a major humanitarian disaster and called on authorities of both groups to respect internationally recognized rights standards. She called on Israel to allow Palestinians access to humanitarian aid and called on the Hamas-led Palestinian Government to stop targeting Israeli civilians.

Arbours said, “The rising number of lives lost, whether as a result of targeted killings or suicide attacks, home-made missiles or artillery fire, is unacceptable.” Arbours comments came in the wake of numerous reports that talk about the non-payment of salaries to Palestinian Authority (PA) employees, withdrawal of international aid, and access sanctions imposed on PA following the electoral victory of the terrorist group Hamas. 

Arbours remind Israel “As the occupying power, Israel bears the responsibility under international humanitarian law, particularly under the 1949 Geneva Convention, for the welfare of the Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).” The severe restrictions on the movement of people and goods in OPT is causing situations leading to dire poverty in these areas.

Israel has threatened that it will unilaterally fix the border with PA if the Hamas does not change its position on

three fundamental tenets of international diplomacy. First, Hamas should recognize Israel’s right to existence. Second, Hamas should accept past agreements agreed with Israel by previous PA Governments. Third, it should eschew violence as means to gain peace with Israel. Most countries, including India support these demands. 

However, holding the Palestinian people hostage to the policies of Hamas is not something that most Indians want to see. India pledged a USD 2 million aid to PA while Iran has pledged over USD 60 million.

Hamas's victory in Palestinian Territories