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   Chinese Counterfeit Indian Brands


Chinese counterfeit manufacturers have managed to duplicate several well-known Indian brands to close perfection and selling them all over the world including India. Denying that such trade was rampant, Bajaj Auto said that they are working with authorities to curb such trade.

Several other brands such as Kawasaki Bajaj and Hero Honda are sold at half the original’s prices in several secondary cities. Manufactured in China and distributed by some unscrupulous dealers in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai to dealers at locations not serviced by the original manufacturers. By “managing” (meaning bribing) Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials, they are able to register these spurious products and also offer a maintenance contract similar to ones by the originals.

China has an awful record of unscrupulous plagiarism across all product lines including high technology. Leading networking vendor Cisco Systems accused Huwawei Technologies of plagiarizing its products, manuals, commands, interfaces, and even code. In some cases, even grammatical errors on interface and documentation are exactly the same across the products of both companies.

It is important that India raise this issue in bilateral conversations with China and also crack down on these unscrupulous dealers in metros and track down RTO officials involved in certifying the bogus vehicles as original. The pattern of India’s progress up the food chain is different from that of China.

China’s forte is manufacturing and duplication while India’s is technology, services, and products. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for India to develop its own Intellectual Property Rights and steps taken now will protect Indian interests down the line.

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