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   Sharp Increase in Wind Power Generation


Turbine manufacturers in India say that they registered a 45% rise in installed wind power capacity grew to 5,200 megawatt (MW) from 3,595 MW with Tamil Nadu contributing a bulk of this capacity addition of 870 MW. The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) said availability of more efficient and higher plant load turbines in the market will guarantee capacity addition this year and may accelerate in subsequent years. 

The IWTMA said the evacuation of people is the biggest stumbling block, especially in Tamil Nadu, although the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is working on the modalities to gain the evacuation. One way to avoid these issues is to actually study requirements of the state ahead of time and a grid analysis is performed to determine the location and size of installations. 

In Karnataka too, there are issues, which are largely solved now, but there were initial resistance to such projects with villagers blocking roads or sabotaging equipment. 

A recent KPMG study said that India cannot rely on coal in the long term as its supply is dwindling, getting more expensive to retrieve, and its existing mines inefficient. India is trying to deregulate the coal exploration and mining through 100% private participation and by foreign direct investment. It is setting up 5 major coal fired power plants to augment this energy deficit. According to Government estimates, India needs USD 30 billion investments in coal mining alone to meet the energy demands.

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