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   Russia Upgrades Nuclear Arsenal


In the continuing military rift reminiscent of the Cold War, Russia says that it is vastly upgrading its offensive nuclear arsenal capable of penetrating “star wars” missile shield being developed in the US that will warn the enemy of a Mutually Assured Destruction. Russia plans to deploy at least 2000 new supersonic maneuverable land-based Topol-M and sea-based Bulava missiles capable of carrying 6-10 warheads, which would replace ageing Soviet era RS-12M, RS-18, and RS-20 missiles.

To evade detection, the land-based missiles will be mounted on wheeled chassis that and 6-10 Topol-M missiles will be deployed this year. By 2008, it will deploy 12 Bulava missiles onboard its Yury Dolgoruky-class nuclear submarines that are under construction. Russia insists that it will retain a minimum deterrent of ready to deploy nuclear missiles as a security priority.

Russia says that it is deploying these missiles and its moves in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan  in response to aggressive American moves in these areas. It cites inclusion of Ukraine in NATO, upgraded air force base in Kyrgyzstan, and deployment of anti-missile batteries in Eastern Europe as reasons why it needs to spend a good portion of its budget on defense and make these moves.

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