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Hamas Nominates Terrorist in Cabinet


Deepening the concern of the world community, the Hamas-led Government has nominated a prominent terrorist, wanted by Israelis and Americans for the murder of American security personnel, as the Inspector-General of Interior Ministry. Palestinian Interior Minister Said Siam said that he will not yield to demands of the President Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw the nomination of Jamal Abu Samhadana.

Both Israel and United States condemned the selection of Samhadana in a ministry that oversees several branches of security forces. Even with failed previous attempts, Israel vowed to keep him as a target for elimination. Former Mossad Intelligence Agency Chief Danny Yatom who is now a Parliamentarian in Israel said that a “ministerial portfolio” will not give Samhadana “immunity.”

Abbas’s aides said that he considered Siam’s decisions “illegal.” Abbas himself is traveling to Jordan and several European destinations campaigning for aid and financial support and this appointment will inconveniently dominate conversation with several interlocutors.


Siam says that the new security office he has created with appointments from several terrorist groups is to bring together warring groups to restore order in Palestinian Territories. Overall Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, now based in Damascus, indirectly criticized Abbas wondering why “the sons of our people” are “plotting” against Palestinian.

Samhadana is leader of the Popular Resistance Committees. The group uses their bases in Gaza to routinely attack Southern Israel with rockets. The group is also suspected in the murder of 3 American security personnel in Gaza in 2003.