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LTTE Withdraws from Geneva Talks


Accusing the Sri Lankan Government (SLG) of creating many “hurdles” and a lack of “conducive environment,” the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has withdrawn from the ongoing Geneva talks scheduled to restart April 19. The LTTE has been demanding “safe passage” for its negotiators to Geneva  and has expressed fears that its negotiators may not be safe while transiting through Colombo.

The suspension of the cease-fire agreement talks comes after days of escalating violence that has seen the death of many soldiers. The SLG has accused the LTTE of murdering its troops through suicide bombs, mines, and ambushes. The LTTE has been accusing the SLG of supporting militia in the Northern and Eastern areas, especially the rebel faction. The rebel faction led by “Karuna” has threatened LTTE supporters of dire consequences should they continue to support that group. Human rights groups have long accused LTTE of violations of not only residents of Sri Lanka but also Tamil expatriates in European Union and Canada. Recently, Canada joined India in outlawing the group and made it a crime for Canadian Tamils to support its activities. 

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