India Intelligence Report

Tension on Indo-Bangla Border


The Indo-Bangladesh border saw action as the Border Security Force (BSF) fired on Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) positions when they repeatedly opposed the construction of a camp within 150 yards of the Indian border. The BDR claims that this construction violates the 1974 India-Bangladesh Boundary Accord, commonly known as the Indrira-Mujib Treaty after the signatories Indira Gandhi and Mujib-ur-Rehman. 

The border between the two nations has not been finalized and the treaty said that the boundary would be resolved peacefully. BSF and BDR routinely fire at each other often inflicting injury on civilian population.

BSF usually fires when the BDR tries to provide cover to illegal immigrants who cross over to India for economic sanctuary. BDR fires at Indian positions when they see activity on the Indian side claiming that it violates the treaty. Bangladesh has refused to allow border fencing within Indian Territory to stop illegal migration. 


When India retaliates, Bangladesh cries foul and accuse India of high-handedness, which does occur on the diplomatic and military interaction. It would be beneficial for India to build its fencing and camps some ½ kilometer inside Indian Territory but maintain border patrol positions at current levels.