India Intelligence Report

ITBP Protects BRO in Afghanistan


The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will provide the Army’s Border Roads Organization (BRO) security from Taliban and al Qaeda while they construct the crucial road linking Zalranj to Delaram to link Iran with Afghanistan. The BRO has been under constant attack from Taliban and al Qaeda when not protected and last year a BRO employee was decapitated in a gruesome manner.  

  The ITBP already has 2500 personnel in Afghanistan on this secretive project and is to augment their force by another 300 troops. The BRO has an estimated 291 workers with an additional 600 from private agencies. In light of attacks, the ITBP is consolidating outposts so they are not surprised with an unusually large force.

The ITBP has vast experience in protection duty in Pakistan and Sri Lanka and have participated in peacekeeping operations in Congo and Kosovo.


India is building this road as means to have access to Afghanistan because Pakistan refuses over-land access. Hence, aid and development work as well as trade have to either go through Iran or air lifted via United Arab Emirates (UAE). India also views this road as strategically important to gain access to Central Asia via Iran and Afghanistan.