India Intelligence Report

Baloachistan War Scorches Pak Army


Under the cover of official denials from Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, his army has fielded 23,000 troops; supported by combat planes, helicopter gun ships, and artillery to crush a serious uprising in Baloachistan. Baloach tribals charge Musharraf of high-handedness and say that his rule is oppressive, colonial, and parasitical over their resource rich region.

In the interest of bringing down the Baloach insurgents, Musharraf has diverted his troops fighting the al Qaeda in Northern Province of Waziristan. His interests are economic, political, strategic, and personal. 

A pipeline that will carry gas from Iran to India has to transit through Baloachistan and is financially sweet for an economy starved of oxygen.

The proposed Kalabagh dam will provide politically powerful Punjab agriculturists with enough water for more crops but deny basic existence to Baloach tribals who depend on continued flow of water for survival. 

The deep-water port Gwadar built by the Chinese gives an edge in relations with China and developing it as a possible patron when the US would abandon it. It also ensures that the Chinese can use that port to encircle India.

The Baloach have repeatedly called Musharraf many uncharitable names and this has caused immense hurt to the Pakistani President. In December, he promised them hell when they fired rockets close to a location where he was to officiate. Incensed by that slight, he launched a major operation to finish off the tribals.