India Intelligence Report
AP Messes up Naxal Fight

Even as 5 Maoist terrorists, including 3 women, were killed by the Andhra Pradesh (AP) police, there is increased concern that the AP Government and the Federal Home Ministry are not taking the fight seriously. 

On a tip-off from the Chhattisgarh police, 30 Greyhound commandos intercepted a terrorist party on its way to join a massive meeting. However, such successes born out of inter-state intelligence sharing, intelligence network development, and sustained work with people are apparently not part of the agenda.

Leaked reports to newspapers say that a police request to the State Government to strengthen the Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) six months ago has been vastly ignored. Unnamed sources say that the Communist Party of India (Maoist) cadre has murdered 1300 political leaders, policemen, and civilians suspected of being Government informants. The terrorists have also perpetrated 6,626 other offences destroying property worth several million dollars.

A recent Home Ministry report congratulated itself on a non-thought through policy to deal with the Naxals and saluted the successes of the AP Government. Analysts say that these praises are to boost a fellow-Congressman and Government amendable to the Federal Government.

Meanwhile, the Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha Jaswant Singh has expressed serious concerns in the cavalier attitude with which the Government is consorting with terrorist elements from Nepal. The Maoist elements in Nepal have political patronage from communist allies of the Government and are increasingly seen as being funded by China and colluding with Indian Maoist terrorists.