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Court allows Lesbian Cohabitation


In the first ruling of its kind, a municipal court in Mumbai allowed the cohabitation of lesbian couples as it did not violate outdated Indian laws that prohibit “intercourse against the order of nature.” 

Unlike the US, the question of gay and lesbian rights has been debated in Indian in a low tone where the Supreme Court (SC) has sought clarification from the Indian Government on its stance on the matter. The Indian Attorney General has requested extra time to study the matter..

There is increased awareness in India of gay and lesbianism long hidden under strong oppressive legacy of British laws inspired by Victorian values. Traditionally, India has never discriminated against gays or lesbians. The Kama Sutra (The Book of Family life and Love) actually has many sections that recognize homosexuality, bi-sexuality, trans-gender behavior, and cross-dressing. 

Recently, Australia decided to recognized gay marriages.

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