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   Editorials - April 2006

  • Escalating War of Words about Iran (April 28, 2006)
    The Iran issue refuses to be resolved with increasingly caustic comments from Iranians President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and equally acerbic comments from various influential circles of the US Administration. <More>

  • Eastern Naval Command Assuming Prominence (April 27, 2006)
    In line with the Indian Maritime Doctrine released last year, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) based in Visakhapatanam has assumed great significance to protect the 2,600-kilometer coastline and 200,000 square kilometer exclusive economic zone.<More>

  • Maran’s COI and Bigger Issues (April 26, 2006)
    A New Indian Express (NIE) investigative report alleged that Minister of Telecommunications & IT Dayanidhi Maran abused his position to try arm-twisting the Tata Group to share part of its Dish-to-Home (DTH) business with his own Sun TV business.<More

  • India Joins Thermonuclear Organization (April 25, 2006)
    Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Direct Anil Kakodkar will be signing in India as the 7th participant in the global Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor (ITER) project to contribute USD 565 million worth of indigenous material or 10% of ITER needs.<More>

  • FII Exposure valued at USD 80 billion (April 24, 2006)
    With an estimated 8% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate, India continues to attract Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) whose numbers have grown from 685 to 898 in a year and valued at USD 80 billion driven up by the 180 A-group companies. <More>

  • US-Sino Relations & India (April 21, 2006)
    The Chinese President Hu Jintao’s meeting with who-is-who of the US business world even before his planned meeting with President George Bush demonstrates the focus of China in its relationship with the US.<More>

  • SENSEX Breaks 12K-Barrier (April 20, 2006) 
    Defying international trends relating to oil and security concerns, strong domestic fundamentals inspired Indian mutual funds to flood the stock markets raising the SENSEX index beyond 12,000 in just 16 sessions.<More>

  • Iran’s Nuclear Program Not Good for India (April 19, 2006)
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told visiting Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Bukhari that Iran has a secret nuclear program to develop weapons and that this program is not good for India as it does not desire a 3rd nuclear weapons power as a neighbor.<More>

  • Good Voting in Naxal Areas in WB (April 18, 2006)
    People defied threats from naxal terrorists and stood in long lines for over two hours, endured clinical security screening, and followed intense Election Commission restrictions to vote in large numbers in naxal-infested areas of West Bengal (WB).<More>

  • SC Says Narmada Work to Continue (April 17, 2006)
    The Supreme Court (SC) ordered that the Narmada Dam project to continue as planned but asked the federal Government to institute mechanisms in parallel that will manage proper rehabilitation of affected people.<More>

  • Government Finally Wakes Up to Naxal Reality (April 14, 2006)
    The Government finally woke up to the Naxal menace in India and said that their superior army style operations, coordination, trained cadres, and planned frontal attacks on large installations, and external links must be fought under a unified command.<More>

  • Railway Freight Corridor in 11th Plan (April 13, 2006)
    The Indian Railways is negotiating a deal with the Planning Commission to construct an exclusive freight corridor that would cost USD 111 billion in the 11th (2007-12) financial plan up from a budget of USD 13.33 billion in the 10th.<More> 

  • Indo-EU Energy Initiative (April 12, 2006)
    On the heals of US and India announcing Indian participation in FutureGen project,  the European and India are set to explore alternate sources of energy as envisaged by the recently-concluded First India-EU Business Conference on Energy.

  • Salman Khan Jailed—Long Live Justice (April 11, 2006)
    Justice in India is delayed, lumpy, and selective but it works—Salman Khan the actor accused of shooting endangered animals to please girlfriends and killing roadside dwellers in inebriated state has been sentenced to 5 years by a trial court in Rajasthan.<More>

  • India will be World’s Refinery Hub (April 10, 2006)
    Rising demand for energy, high price of oil, lack of US & EU investments in refinery has created a space for India , much like the business process outsourcing sector, to become the world’s choice destination for refining crude oil.<More>

  • ADB Says India ’s Growth Rate to be 7.6% (April 7, 2006)
    An Asian Development Bank (ADB) report said that India will grow at a robust 7.6% but warned against the 3% fiscal deficit and 6.1% inflation that will force higher interest rates. <More>

  • UK Laws Makes Outsourcing Expensive (April 6, 2006)
    In a move that could cost Indian business process outsourcing (BPO) companies a huge packet, United Kingdom is introducing a law that will require BPOs to safeguard the rights of worked made redundant because of outsourcing.<More>

  • More IPOs from India this Year (April 5, 2006)
    With changing economic landscape, higher Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and reforms, India will field more Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2006 along with West Asia, Brazil, and South Korea.<More>

  • India has Very Low Debt to GNP Ratio (April 4, 2006)
    In another verification of how well the Indian economy is performing, an economic survey has highlighted that India has one of the lowest Gross Domestic Product to external debt ratio next only to China.<More>

  • India to Dominate BPO, off shoring (April 3, 2006)
    An AT Kearney study predicted a continued 9% growth in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and 47% growth in outsourcing netting an estimated USD 28 billion and said India will reap most of this business.<More

  • UN Says 8% Sustained GDP Growth Possible (April 1, 2006)
    A United Nation Economic and Social Commission for Asia & Pacific study reported that India has all the ingredients in the economy for a sustained 8% growth rate in 2006-2008.<More

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