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India is “Rabies Capital” of the World


According to the World Health Organization, India is the "Rabies Capital of the world." The report says that of the 55,000 cases world over, India reported 20,000 cases and 95% of these cases are from stray dog bites. With the large stray population, it is feared that the number may be under-reported. Animal rights activists in India have opposed all forms of stray dog culling programs. With a lack of regulation on dog breeding and insufficient knowledge, many release liter pups on the streets far from home so they would not have to care for them. Programs sterilizing strays have so far been ineffective because locals protest the operation. Till a concerted program is introduced to reduce the stray numbers, their populations will grow. With that the incidence of rabies is also bound to grow because of bad health management awareness and facilities for animals.

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