India Intelligence Report
Bush Says Nuclear Deal in US Interest

US President George Bush extolled American Congressmen and Senators to support the civilian nuclear deal saying that it was in America's interest to support India's nuclear needs.

Bush's call comes when two powerful Senators spoke in different voices on the deal. Which Richard Lugar spoke in favor, Sam Nunn spoke against the exception deal taht will allow the US to ship nuclear fuel to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) non-signatory India.

Bush called on compatriots to shirk their Cold War attitude and look to India for a new economic and strategic tie-up. He seemed to suggest that India's economic growth, which would cause environmental destruction the burring of fossil fuels to generate energy, would affect the US. He stopped short of mentioning greenhouse gases and Kyoto protocol-- both issues he fights. Bush made it cleared that the "use of safe nuclear power should be encouraged.


Strategic heavyweight Henry Kissinger, long believed to be anti-Indian in outlook when he was part of the Nixon administration came out strongly supporting the deal. He urged Americans to stop thinking in terms of India versus China or containing China with India and instead consider having independent and constructive relationship with both countries. He suggested that the rhetoric of this deal should not prompt China to have a similar deal with Iran or Pakistan. As seen in Europe, this could lead to an arms race and disastrous consequences.