India Intelligence Report
Para-Military Forces to Guard Trains

After the latest incident when Naxal terrorists hijacked a train for several hours, the Home Ministry has proposed to the Railways Ministry to seek paramilitary guards to guard trains going through forested and Naxal-infested areas. The Home Ministry has already raised this possibility with the chiefs of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) and has asked them to raise their strengths to absorb new responsibilities.

Naxalites have been consistently terrorizing the public in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Chhattisgarh where there is a strong civilian movement to oppose them. In the last one-week, the naxals have hijacked a train, attacked a police post, killed youth who refused to join them, and abducted and murdered village heads who have spoken against them.


There is increased fear in India that the Naxals, who derive inspiration from Mao, just as the terrorists in Nepal do, will step up their operations in a coordinated manner. After the 2004 debacle by populist AP Chief Minister Y.R.R. Reddy to resume talks with these terrorists without seeking to disarm them, their activities intensified and spread to other States. Following a unified command center created by Center, special task force in most states, increased civilian resistance, and economic prosperity in tribal areas, their influence have waned but their terror still remains.

A lot more coordinated action is required and the halting steps taken by the Home Ministry to appease their communist allies will not help in the fight against these domestic terrorists.