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Bangladesh Charges 7 JuM Terrorists


Bangladesh charged 7 terrorists it captured a few days ago with sedition for their involvement in a nation-wide bombing spree that killed 30 and injured 100. The charge said “they hatched conspiracy to oust the present democratic government. To this end, they mobilized arms and explosives and attacked courts of law.” This is the first time that treason charges are used in Bangladesh against Islamic terrorists. Those charged include Shayekh Abdur Rahman, Chief of the banned Jamat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh and his deputy Siddiqul Islam Bangla Bhai that is also the chief of a group calling itself Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh. These groups wanted to create a Muslim order in Bangladesh. Terrorism had assumed serious proportions in Bangladesh, as it became a training ground of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for attacks against India. Bangladesh continued to ignore India’s frequent requests for a crackdown till the terrorists invariably turned against local targets.

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