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Russia Promises Uranium despite US Reservation


Despite US reservation and call for restraint, Russia said that it would supply the “limited quantity” of uranium to keep Tharapur safe and operational. As a key energy partner, India has assured Russia that it will continue to be a supplier even after the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal goes through. Russia is also supplying key nuclear equipment for India’s nuclear plant in Kudankulam.

The controversial supply of 60 metric tons of uranium to India comes at a very bad time for the US Administration and India as the US Congress has started deliberating the new deal with strong opposition from political ayatollahs in the US Congress and Senate. A State Department official confirming fears that Cold Warriors with anti-India sentiments continue to be present in the US Administration leaked the news.

India and Russia say that the supply of nuclear fuel does not violate the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) guidelines, which allow fuel transfer in the interest of safety.


The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov is visiting India with a strong business delegation and head of Russian Federal Atomic Agency. Apart from the supply of nuclear fuel deal, India and Russia will discuss space, energy, and nuclear co-operation. Another major area of discussions will center on business and trade expansion. Traditionally, Indo-Russian trade has been around defense purchases. While this trend will continue, the two countries are looking to expand beyond those areas of trade development.