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ED traces Blood Monies from Natwar’s Account


Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials said that they have traced blood monies from the food-for-oil program associated with the disgraced former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh to bank accounts in London. However, they are unable to proceed further with the case as Aditya Khanna, a relative of Singh, is refusing to co-operate with investigations. ED says Khanna and his brother, a Congress Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Punjab, may have laundered money for Singh and his son Jagat Singh (also an MLA from Rajasthan). Singh Sr. feigned amnesia from old age and refused to answer questions about his Iraq trip when the deal was struck with Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi food-for-oil program instituted by the United Nations is a humanitarian measure that allowed Hussein to sell oil to get food and medicines for the Iraqi population. Hussein subverted the program to grant coupons to “non-contractual beneficiaries” in friendly Governments so they can influence policy-favoring Iraq. Singh Sr. was named by former US Federal Reserve Bank Chairman as one of those who partook in this scam that led to the denial of food and medicine and eventual death of over half a million Iraqi children. Singh Jr. has done everything to stall negotiations with tantrums, refusal to divulge information, and seeking political cover. Singh Sr. initially refused to quit claiming innocence, as Foreign Minister but was eventually pressured out of office in disgrace.

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