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IAEA Says it has No Evidence Againt Iran


Close to the crucial March 6 Vienna meeting to discuss Iran's nuclear program, a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency said that it has not found evidence that Iran was diverting material for nuclear weapons. However, it requested Iran to give it more access to "conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran." Without further study, the IAEA said it couldn’t confirm that Iran's past activities were linked to a nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, Iran and Russia held a series of negotiations to create a joint venture to process nuclear fuel in Russia and there seemed to be some consensus. However, some last minute glitches appeared when Iran wanted to enrich limited amount of nuclear fuel—a position opposed by most of the world. The IAEA confirmed that Iran is enriching small amounts of uranium but not enough to make a bomb. World's suspicion on Iran increased when they found centrifuges sold by disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan and unilaterally abrogated the Paris Agreement requiring it to stop enrichment. 

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