India Intelligence Report

Poultry Manufacturers Campaign to Boost Sales


With the story of bird flu off the front pages of newspapers, eclipsed by budget information, large poultry manufacturers are planning to initiate a campaign that will revive their business. The broiler poultry business in India is estimated at USD 2.4 billion with a production of 30 million broilers per week. Initial estimates of losses were 20-25% countrywide and up to 85% in Maharashtra. With Government giving a feel good message on containment of bird flu, the sales in Maharashtra has already started picking up. The question that still remains to be answered is the root cause of the outbreak and what has been done by the Government to prevent a relapse. In Europe, Africa, and most parts of Asia, the spread is through migration whereas in South East Asia and China it is due to bad poultry conditions. Meanwhile, Cipla and Ranbaxy have offered to produce a generic version of Roche's tamiflu leading to a debate of whether this will mean a patent infringement. The Indian companies deny patent infringement claiming that Roche does not have a patent in India. The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance disagrees with this assertion saying that under India's new patent law, Roche's global patenting will enjoy the same rights in India and licensing is necessary mechanism to avoid infringement.

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