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US Asks West Asia not to Fund Hamas


Israel imposed a series of sanctions on Palestinian Government as Hamas formed the Government with Ismail Haniya as the new Prime Minister. Israel imposed travel restrictions on Palestinian workers crossing into Israel and a freeze on payment of customs duties, valued at USD 50 million a month, which Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. Two terrorists were also killed in surgical air strikes in Southern Gaza by Israeli planes. Hamas is facing intense international pressure on its policy calling for the destruction of Israel and advocating violence. Most international aid, which is required for the sustenance of Palestinians, has stopped and Iran is trying to get Muslim countries to fund their existence. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is traveling West Asia to persuade Islamic nations not to fund Hamas. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad, another terrorist group in the area, refused to partner with Hamas saying that they will pursue their own terror path to destroy the Jewish nation.

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