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28 Dead in Nigeria Cartoon Protests


Protests, threats, and rioting continued around the world on the Danish cartoons that showed Prophet Mohammed in uncharitable ways. Riots in Nigeria left 28 people dead, Libya counted 11 and a burnt consulate in Benghazi, Jalalabad in Afghanistan saw hundreds of students threatening to join the al Qaeda. The Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called for an end to violence over the incident. The Danish Foreign Minister said the riots were organized by extremists and warned that al Qaeda would exploit the situation to recruit more people. India saw many protests in Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore and minor violent incidents were reported in Hyderabad. A senior Minister in the Uttar Pradesh cabinet from the Samajwadi Party Yakoob Qureshi provided a bounty for killing the cartoonist. While this is a serious violation of several laws, the Federal and State Governments have done nothing to arrest him. He said that he will repeat his call for the murder of the cartoonist all over the country even as the Muslim Law Board rejected his statements as a political stunt to get Muslim votes. In a dangerous trend, a Shariah court in Uttar Pradesh has issued a fatwa, religious decree, calling for the murder of the Danish cartoonist saying that the murderer will receive blessings from God for avenging the blasphemy. The members of the Shariah court violated the same laws as Qureshi and if the Government were to initiate action, the members may face the same punishment as Qureshi.

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