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Hamas Rejects Abbas's Call


A new Palestinian Parliament dominated by the terrorist group Hamas was sworn in even as its relationship with its President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel remained uncertain. Hamas leader Ismail Haniya is expected to become Prime Minister. Abbas said that the Oslo Accords, which recognized the legitimate right of autonomy within Palestinian territories cannot be questioned and must be honored. At the same time, clearly implying that Hamas must shun violence, he insisted that the Palestinian Government must accept negotiations as the "sole" means to achieve Palestinian goals. He is expected to ask the Government a formal charter that will direct foreign policy; two state solution, recognition of Israel's right to exist, pursuit of non-violent struggle against Israeli occupation, and a US sponsored roadmap to peace. Unfortunately, Hamas rejected Abbas's call saying that it "rejects negotiation with the occupation under the current circumstances, which occupation and aggression continues." The spokesperson went on to say that it was their "natural right" to resist for the welfare of Palestinians. However, Hamas had indicated a long-term truce with Israel but not under international pressure. According to Palestinian mode of governance, while Hamas will have some control over Palestinian security forces, decisions on appointments, promotions, and deployment have to be routed through the President's office.

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