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Indonesia Condemns Cartoons, Accepts “Apology”


Indonesia is trying to walk a tightrope on the issue of Danish cartoons that depict the Prophet Mohammed in a distasteful manner. It publicly said that it “condemns” these cartoons but also asked its population to accept the “apologies” offered through diplomatic channels. Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, has refused to terminate diplomatic ties with Denmark and Norway as many Arab countries have. Aceh, housing many radical Muslim groups, saw strident demonstrations sparking fear of return to violence that died with the tsunami of December 25, 2004. In United Kingdom, a British court has sentenced Abu Hamza for advocating violence in response to the cartoons. Iran said that it would organize a global cartoon competition about the Holocaust lampooning the Jewish people. The Danish newspaper has already apologized for the cartoons it published last September 2005, January 2006 and said it will carry the cartoons of the Holocaust too.

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