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Saudi Claims Victory over al Qaeda


Saudi security experts say that the Saudi Arabian monarchy has managed to stamp out an al Qaeda led insurgency that started in 2003 and claimed 264 lives in 25 incidents. The incipient insurgency started with attacks on foreign workers and Government buildings has largely been quashed. The United States praised steps taken by the Saudi regime to increase security even as Saudi officials boasted of major changes in textbooks to moderate language. Although many orthodox religious have supported the Government’s call, the puritanical “Whhabbi” Muslims continue to thrive and preach their radical ideology. Over 2500 Saudis have joined the al Qaeda led resistance against US troops in Iraq in 2004 alone and people fear that they may come back to restart the insurgency in Saudi Arabia. Most Arabs see the US as an unconditional supporter of Israel. This belief and the occupation of Iraq make it an easy target that has attracted terrorists from different social backgrounds. Experts also point out while the physical structure has been destroyed the ideological base remains and there are still many web sites and chat rooms that preach radical ideology.

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