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US, EU Threaten to Stop Aid


Striking an increasingly defiant tone, Hamas has rejected international demands that they recognize Israel’s right to exist and disarm. The European Union and United States have said that they would cut back close to USD 1 billion for the Palestinian Authority if Hamas continues its belligerent philosophy. Hamas said “this aid cannot be a sword over the heads of the Palestinian people and will not be material to blackmail our people.” They said they would disarm only if Israel ended its “occupation” of land that Palestinians seek to form an independent state. Hamas seeks to establish an Islamic state and looks to form a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip “as a first step.” In the meanwhile, Fattah gunmen and Hamas operatives clashed over the results of the elections. Although Hamas has a clear majority, it wants a unified Government and Fattah does not want any part of it. Angry Fattah gunmen disappointed over the results and some policemen took over the Parliament briefly and demanded the resignation of senior Fattah leaders except President Mahmoud Abbas.

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