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Former PoK PM Welcomes Indian Offer



Former Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayoom said that the Pakistani Government should have accepted Indian help after the earthquake four months ago. He said that Pakistan “should not have rejected” the offer and termed the Indian offer a “sincere move.” Rejecting proposals to divide the state on religious basis and for independence from India and Pakistan, Qayoom recommended a more detailed examination of the proposal to adopt a federal model. More than 125000 people still live in tents after their houses were destroyed by the killer quake that killed more 30,000 people. Officials in Pakistan say that they are awaiting a Japanese report on a comprehensive development plan and have suspended all construction. Victims of the earthquake accuse the Government of not providing the promised relief of Pak Rs.100000 but officials say that there are problems within families on who should get the relief money. On the Indian side, 6 Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists and 2 Indian soldiers (including a Major) died when they were stopped from entering India from Pakistan.