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Gujarat Villages Vow Dowry Fight


Two villages in Gujarat have vowed not to accept dowry for their sons and to give dowry for their daughter. Dowry is a bestowal that is given to a groom by the girl's parents to facilitate their growth and comfort. Legally banned in India, dowry can take different forms from a cash packet to elaborate gifts like houses, vehicles, vacations, etc. Dowry deaths have been on the rise in Gujarat and the change of heart results from consistent activism from women demanding "why should a daughter-in-law make tea at 3am and have an accident." A kitchen accident is a euphemism for an orchestrated murder of the girl by the groom's family when they cannot extract more money from her parents. Abdasa Mahila Vikas Sansthan, a women's' rights group, said, "women empowerment programs, films, and awareness campaigns have paid off." They say that people had a change of heart when they heard that in the last five years, 1400 women died from dowry deaths while only 1200 died from road accidents

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