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Afghanistan Accuses Pak of Support to Taliban


Afghanistan has once again accused Pakistan of providing shelter, training, funds, and material to Taliban and al Qaeda suicide bombers to sabotage progress. The UN said that 19 suicide attacks, including 13 in the last 10 weeks have been recorded in Afghanistan last year. Escalating violence has stopped the inflow of UN peace-keepers and aid to the population. The UN has closed its offices in Baloachistan after the al Qaeda issued "credible" warnings of attacks. Suicide bombers and roaming bands have killed over 33 people in the last few weeks, destroyed schools, and decapitated school teachers. The Taliban opposes all education and subjects that is not present in the Koran and detest education of women saying that the practice is un-Islamic. Thousands of people in Afghanistan have publicly protested the suicide attacks. Even so, a Taliban "commander" has said that hundreds of suicide bombers are ready in a bid to drive out foreign forces and are awaiting orders from Taliban leadership to carry out attacks.

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