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Bodhisatva with a Lotus in HandAjanta caves specialty is paintings so advanced and complicated that you could spend your whole life trying to find out what each one is and still not know everything about the paintings.  The style of painting is fresco where you put wet plaster on the wall and before the plaster becomes dry, you paint the wall.   Each painting is a part of a story that continues into the next series of paintings.   The indescribable art is disappearing slowly because of old age.  People lit up the caves by throwing water into the caves and showing the reflection into the caves.  Buddhist and Jain monks painted in Ajanta caves.  The faces of people are tiny, yet extremely expressive.  The styles of things are outnumbered.   When you look at the paintings, you realize you can draw or paint things so many different ways.  The works made a long time ago gives us examples of how to live a good life now.  The work is perfect because if the workers made a tiny mistake they would have to abandon the cave.  Great Indian people are shown in the caves like Shivi Chakravarthi, who sacrificed his flesh to save a pidgin from an eagle.   But truly, it was God who wanted to test him and he was praised and given his flesh back.  Buddha is mostly shown.  Buddha’s life goes on and on and you never get bored.  It is one of the opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss. 

By Maithreya Sitaraman

Maithreya Sitaraman is a Student of TISB in Grade 4.

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