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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Accelerating Rural Financing Process by Banks in India: Need For Creating Enabling Environment : The goal of Union Government to double the flow of farm credit in three years [2004-05 to 2006-07]was achieved in two years. Actual flow of credit during the year 2006-07 is expected to exceed the target of Rs.1,750,000 million set for the year by Rs. 150,000 million. by Dr. Amrit Patel &  Dr Gopal Kalkoti

Minimizing Rural Unemployment: There is a significant, positive & direct coorelation between poverty & unemployment.When & where there is high degree of unemployment then & there is high degree of poverty.- by Dr. Amrit Patel &  Dr Gopal Kalkoti

Games Indians Play: Why are we the way we are?  by Mr. V Raghunathan & Review by Soumya Sitaraman
Dr. V Raghunathan, ex-IIM professor of finance and former President, of ING Vysya bank, is a collector of antique locks and unique ideas. He is built like a stick of dynamite: compact and bursting with energy.

Management of Rural Water Resources Need for Policy and Institutional Framework  - by Dr. Amrit Patel &  Dr Gopal Kalkoti

With a view to achieving the desired growth rate, modernization, self-reliance and social equity in the sphere of agriculture, being the backbone of Indian economy, the Government of India very aptly accorded top priority to creation of irrigation facilities by investing sum of Rs.1,253,407.3 million under major and medium irrigation projects, Rs.304,063.6 million under minor irrigation projects and Rs.96,581.3 million under Command Area Development Program, accompanied by private sectors’ investment of Rs.7,128,681.2 million during the period from 1951-52 to 1999-00.

China: Macro-economic Control-Problems and Prospects - by Mr. D. S. Rajan
“To maintain economic stability, the Government should stick to prudent fiscal and monetary policies and look for ways to improve and strengthen macro-economic measures so as to regulate economic activities, with focus on reining in the fixed assets investment and the scale of bank loans”.

Mayavada of Advaita  Prof. Y.S. Gowramma.
Since time immemorial, the question that haunted the minds of scholars and philosophers was about the reality of the things and the objects of the world that we are experiencing.

Rabindhranath Tagore - The Poet and the Philosopher    Prof. Y.S. Gowramma.
Rabindranath Tagore is a poet dramatist, novelist, actor, composer, educator, painter, and a Philosopher. In a word he is the Leonardo-da–Vinci of our Renaissance True to the Indian Tradition, he had a Particular Philosophical Vision of his own, which he depicted is his essays, sermons and interwoven is his poems.

Micro-Finance Institutions & Interest Rates Bank Rakyat Indonesia Shows the Way by Dr. Amrit Patel

Main objective of Micro-Finance Institutions has been to provide financial services, more importantly savings, credit, insurance, remittances,  to most vulnerable sections of the population in developing economies.

North Korea: Nuclear crisis - Way ahead - by Mr. D. S. Rajan
The failure to achieve a breakthrough on the North Korean nuclear issue in the latest fifth round of Six- Party talks (Beijing, December 18-22, 2006) should not have come as a total surprise to the international community, given the new complexities brought about to the situation by Pyongyang’s missile launches (July 2006) and the first nuclear weapon test (October 9,2006), firmly pointing towards the inevitability of prolonged further negotiations from now on to find a final solution to the thorny question.

Banks' Commitment to Enhance Farm Loans and Micro Credit - by Dr. Amrit Patel
With a view to giving a boost to the process of farm sector development & micro-credit program Government of India & Reserve Bank of India have very aptly crystalized certain specific policy prescriptions during the year 2006-07 & directed the banking system to put in concerted efforts so as to accelerate the flow of credit to agricultural sector & clients of micro-credit program & achieve expected results.

Indian PM Visit to Japan - by Mr. D. S. Rajan
Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh will pay an official visit to Japan from December 13 –16, 2006. The visit is taking place at a time when significant changes have occurred both in Japan-India ties and the geopolitics on East Asia.

Study of Hu's Visit to India & Pak - by Mr. D. S. Rajan
The joint statements issued at the end of Hu Jintao’s visit to India and Pakistan afford an opportunity to assess the extant policy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) towards South Asia and more particularly India and Pakistan.

Beijing's Arunachal Card - by Mr. D. S. Rajan
The visit to India of President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) begins on November 20, 2006. The PRC Ambassador Sun Yuxi’s statement at New Delhi at such a juncture that the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh including Tawang is Chinese territory (November 13,2006), has prima-facie been serious enough to warrant a prompt high level Indian rebuttal next day, with the External Affairs Minister, Pranab Mukherjee saying that the state is an ‘integral’ part of India.

Agricultural Financing: Need for Risk Management - by Dr. Amrit Patel
Despite the fact that Indian Agriculture has made rapid strides in increasing its production of wheat, rice, cotton, sugar cane, fruits, vegetables and milk productivity of crops per hectare and milk per lactation has been low as compared to other countries as well as in the world [Table No.1].

Sri Lanka - The End Game of the Unending Conflict - by Mr. S. Gopal
Predictably, the so-called peace talks (a description that neither the Sri Lankan Government (SLG) nor the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are willing to accept) at Geneva, failed.

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Making Panchayat Raj Institutions Effective  By Dr. Amrit Patel

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government has fulfilled one promise that is part of its National Common Minimum Program (CMP). The Bill on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NEGS) seeks to provide guaranteed employment to one member of every rural household for at least 100 days a year for a minimum wage of Rs.60 per day. 

Ancient City Modern Hues By Soumya Sitaraman

History of Bangalore By Soumya Sitaraman


Soumya Sitaraman writes about celebrating Navaratri in South India and some childhood memories.

A mould of Hope

Vinayaka Chaturthi is here. A simple old-fashioned clay image is all I seek: the kind my father always bought. The brown unassuming image appeals to me still, standing out with quiet presence among all the flashy replicas. The clay Ganesha is stately, elegant, bearing the quiet dignity of its earthy message: a forming of opportunity from nascent ideas says Soumya Sitaraman.

A Pearl in Murky Waters

If you happen to be in Mumbai, footloose and fancy free, with a mind to ferret out the little known details of history waiting to be noticed, buried in the confusion of the bursting city, make a trip to Parel village to see the the Siva Heptad–Yes, the name ‘village’ still exists, and those living in Mumbai will guide you says USHA KRIS.

Ajanta Caves - By Maithreya Sitaraman

Cutting Down an Heritage
USHA KRIS brings back hard evidence to show that full-grown trees are being cut at the Kanha national park while the authorities make themselves scarce.

F-16 Sale to Pakistan in US National Interest
The US is arming Pakistan to fight its own anti-terror battles, but it could well ignite trouble between India and Pakistan, writes ERIC KOO PENG KUAN

On the Tiger Trail
USHA KRIS drives deep into the Kanha forest and falls in love with royalty of the striped variety 

The Communist Threat is Forgotten, Not Gone
History tells us that at least 53 million people have died of communist atrocities the world over. A bloodbath is inevitable if Nepal is left to its own struggles between the monarchists and the Maoists, warns ERIC KOO PENG KUAN

Perceptions of Shiva in Ancient India 
Ancient Indian literature and iconography represent Shiva both as a malevolent and a benevolent god. Shiva is both giver and destroyer, explains ROHITHA EASWER 

Time to Stare
USHA KRIS introduces young readers to the joys of star gazing

The Logic in Having an N-Missile
Pakistan has just test-fired another nuclear missile. An analysis by ERIC KOO PENG KUAN 

Coorg for Coffee?
USHA KRIS visits an estate-turned-resort, and is charmed by the sights and sounds of Karnataka's coffee district 

Bihar a Major Pollution Zone
A study in the US has found high pollution levels over much of India, and a concentrated pool of particles over Bihar, reports PRAKASH M SWAMY

The US, China and India
A partnership with India, by whatever name, could provide America a way to offset the surge in China's geo-political and economic power, writes RAM NARAYANAN

Why the Scoffing at Hinduism?
Why is Sri Jayendra Saraswati being persecuted? Is it because his disciples don't take out violent marches and destroy public property? USHA KRIS urges President Abdul Kalam to step in and save him from further torment 

PIL against Seer: Court's Ire
In its judgment in the Suryalaxmi Cotton Mills death case, the Andhra High Court took critical note of the 'besmirching' of the Kanchi seer's name, and felt the time had come to discourage indiscriminate proceedings in the name of public interest litigation. Here, in full, is what the judgment says

CIA Task on Pak Anti-Terror Drive
The US senate has tasked the CIA to prepare reports on Pakistan's efforts to curb Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and to fight terrorism.

Nepal Coup Shows US Hypocrisy
Nepal has no oil reserves, and does not play a significant role in international trade. That explains the indifference of the US to King Gyanendra's coup, says ERIC KOO PENG KUAN

Indian Style Democracy in Iraq
Millions of Iraqis have braved bullets to cast their vote. Iraq is a multi-ethnic country, and its best bet is an Indian-style federal system where every group gets a fair opportunity to further its aspirations, says ERIC KOO PENG KUAN

Death from Stampede Avoidable
Law-abiding people in crowds feel safely anonymous and turn aggressive. Governments and religious leaders must learn to avert stampedes of the Satara kind, says ERIC KOO PENG KUAN

Tsunami: Tad Murthy Speaks
Tad Murty, internationally-renowned oceanographer and tsunami expert, is keen on setting up a warning facility in India. He explains its dimensions to PRAKASH M SWAMY

India's Look East Policy
Post-Cold War, India has an improved interest in South East Asia. India has to compete against a formidable rival, China, on many fronts. ERIC KOO PENG KUAN analyses what factors make the Look East Policy important to India, the response of South East Asia towards India’s new economic engagement, and what advantages India can gain over China in competing for the attention of South East Asia in economic co-operation.

NRI Donates $10 m for College
Paila Malla Reddy had to contend with vested interests before his free college could take shape. For children of illiterate farm workers, college education is now a dream within reach, reports PRAKASH M SWAMY

United Protest in New York
Hindu groups demonstrated on a biting winter day and said the Kanchi seer's detention was part of a larger plan to destroy Hinduism, PRAKASH M SWAMY reports.

Middle-class Devotee's Appeal
If the middle class hesitates to come out on the streets and protest, the Acharya will continue to languish in prison.

Pillar of Hinduism
History is replete with stories of great saints and prophets being tormented and tortured. Why does truth prevail only after it is crushed, wonders SUNIL FOTEDAR 

Nov 11 turned out like Sept 11
NRI organizations across the United States, outraged by Sri Jayendra Saraswati's arrest and incarceration, are doing their bit to stand by an acharya they hold in high esteem. A round-up by PRAKASH M SWAMY.

Temple: Perfect, Stately and Tall
If ever a temple was built to make a statement, this is it. The magnificence of the Rajarajeswaram temple, named after Raja Raja Chola in Tanjavur, has remained undiminished over the centuries, says USHA KRIS.

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