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  • Minimizing Rural Unemployment: There is a significant, positive & direct coorelation between poverty & unemployment.When & where there is high degree of unemployment then & there is high degree of poverty.- by Dr. Amrit Patel &  Dr Gopal Kalkoti

  • Management of Rural Water Resources Need for Policy and Institutional Framework  - by Dr. Amrit Patel &  Dr Gopal Kalkoti
    With a view to achieving the desired growth rate, modernization, self-reliance and social equity in the sphere of agriculture, being the backbone of Indian economy, the Government of India very aptly accorded top priority to creation of irrigation facilities by investing sum of Rs.1,253,407.3 million under major and medium irrigation projects, Rs.304,063.6 million under minor irrigation projects and Rs.96,581.3 million under Command Area Development Program, accompanied by private sectors’ investment of Rs.7,128,681.2 million during the period from 1951-52 to 1999-00.

Dr. Amrit Patel holds a doctoral degree in Rural Studies and Masters in Agricultural Science. He has extensive research and teaching experience with Gujarat Agricultural University and College of Agricultural Banking of Reserve Bank of India. He has extensive rural banking and micro-credit experience with 25 years with the Bank of Baroda and 10 years as consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and International Fund for Agricultural Development. He has worked in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, and India. Dr. Patel has published 3 books on optimal farming practices, use of tools in farming, and rural economics and has contributed over 500 papers on these subjects

  • Banks' Commitment to Enhance Farm Loans and Micro Credit - by Dr. Amrit Patel
    With a view to giving a boost to the process of farm sector development & micro-credit program Government of India & Reserve Bank of India have very aptly crystalized certain specific policy prescriptions during the year 2006-07 & directed the banking system to put in concerted efforts so as to accelerate the flow of credit to agricultural sector & clients of micro-credit program & achieve expected results.

  • Agricultural Financing: Need for Risk Management - by Dr. Amrit Patel
    Despite the fact that Indian Agriculture has made rapid strides in increasing its production of wheat, rice, cotton, sugar cane, fruits, vegetables and milk productivity of crops per hectare and milk per lactation has been low as compared to other countries as well as in the world [Table No.1].

  • National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Making Panchayat Raj Institutions Effective  By Dr. Amrit Patel
    The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government has fulfilled one promise that is part of its National Common Minimum Program (CMP). The Bill on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NEGS) seeks to provide guaranteed employment to one member of every rural household for at least 100 days a year for a minimum wage of Rs.60 per day. 

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