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 From November 09, 2007 to November 15, 2007

For a cool splash

The forest guard at the Bhoothapandi checkpost told me that an uphill drive of less than five km would take me to the Vattaparai waterfalls. 

Return of the native

This article should in all fairness, carry a disclaimer. Iím no wide-eyed tourist or first-time visitor to the Blue Mountains. 

The Malnad experience

A home in rain-drenched Thirthahalli opened its doors to discerning tourists four months ago. 

Never say die

Inspired by Patricia Schultzís best-selling travel book of the same name, ď1000 Places To See Before You DieĒ will be aired by Discovery Travel and Living as an inspirational guide for the impassioned travel set. 

Royal remnant

Eraniel at first sight appears like any other lush green village bordering Kerala. 

Carved by the ages

At Bhedhaghat, the rock formations sculpted by a roaring Narmada make for a magical trip. 

Where waves sing psalms

Ove Gedde was 23 years old when the Danish king sent him on an expedition to the East Indies.

Royal Remnant

This ancient landmark of south Travancore now lies in ruins













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