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 From October 26, 2007 to November 08, 2007

Imposing Opulence

Henry VIII spent the equivalent of £18 million on Hampton Court in the 1520s. And it shows even today.

Drawn By Kerala

It was the murals in Mattancherry Palace, Kochi that drew Mary Beth Heston to Kerala and its treasure trove of art and culture.

Return Of The Native

This article should in all fairness, carry a disclaimer. I’m no wide-eyed tourist or first-time visitor to the Blue Mountains.

Two In One

There is a much to explore in Hong Kong’s vibrant city centre, but much more to discover in places beyond — sprawling hills, verdant woodland and golden beaches in the outlying islands.

Royal Remnant

Eraniel at first sight appears like any other lush green village bordering Kerala.

On Board And Bored?

There you go spying. You’ve been on board three hours, eaten the flight kitsch and can’t sleep.

Guinness Country

Ireland is a fascinating country to explore. Its uniqueness is built around some of its early visitors from across the seas — the Celts, Vikings and the Normans, who came, conquered and stayed.

Fall In Love At First Sight

It was the lovely, sunny weather that so tempted you to step out — to walk, cycle or just stretch out on the sweet-smelling grass.

Love At First Sight

It was the lovely, sunny weather that so tempted you to step out — to walk, cycle or just stretch out on the sweet-smelling grass.

Eco Break

Wildertrails has launched “Cauvery river trail,” a Diwali getaway package.

Holiday Offers

Ezeego1.com, an online travel bazaar in association with Air Deccan has come up with the “Ticket pe Ticket” offer.

The Malnad Experience

Kolavara Heritage near Thirthahalli offers a house with a view, some peace and quiet and great food

For That French Feel

The French Tourist Office in India is celebrating “French Connection 2007” in full swing these days. As part of it, it is working towards publicising Rhone Alps as an ideal vacation spot for the Indian globetrotters.

Standing Tall

There is silence in music that is why it touches the soul. The same goes for the mountains. Higher the altitude, the more you are away from the madding crowd and at peace with yourself.

For A Cool Splash

The forest guard at the Bhoothapandi checkpost told me that an uphill drive of less than five km would take me to the Vattaparai waterfalls.

Game, Set, Wimbledon

Strawberries and cream, constant threats of rain, the Duchess of Kent’s once-a-year descent into the land of the mortals — next June may seem a distant affair, but in fact this is exactly the right moment to look for an affordable ticket package for . . .

At Home In London

Just days into our long-awaited dream vacation — a trip to London to show my two children the city where I grew up — my 6-year-old son was bored.

Ireland Un-Corked

This common reaction to my travel plan, I knew, wasn’t quite the same as someone saying, “You’re going to Paris? Wow!” Everyone knows, with much authority, why Paris is a fabulous place to visit, . . . . .

Enjoy The Myriad Monsoon Moods

Misty droplets of water caress the air. Sheets of water cool the air generating a mystic romantic aura.

Colourful Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is situated in the American state of Utah. We were so fascinated by the pictures of the park that we decided to visit it.

While In London…

If you are planning to visit London and are looking for a luxury shopping experience then here is something to cheer you up.

Play Of Green And Pink

Interestingly, Chunkankadai in Kanyakumari district finds mention in few odd travel pamphlets for an old church, an engineering college in a picturesque setting and miles of lotus ponds.

In Search Of A Perfect Sunset

There was no board pointing to a beach, but I was told it is there. Travelling down the NH-17 along the Arabian Sea, I was on the lookout for the right beach to watch the sunset.

The Glory Of Hoysalas

Hosaholalu is a small village near K R Pet, home to a beautiful Hoysala style temple dedicated to Lord Lakshminarayana.

Festive Packages

Qatar Airways Holidays offers a wide choice of packages for Ramadan covering cities as diverse as Muscat and Tehran to Istanbul and Colombo.

Up Above The World

Think Kanyakumari and what comes to mind is beach surfing. Tourism and commerce is so temple-centric that nothing else strikes as an option. Of course, there is the Vivekananda Memorial Rock and Thiruvalluvar statue.

A Trip To Remember

Sometimes, a memorable trip is more about the people you meet en route than the place itself.

Win A Trip

Tourism opens doors for women — This is the theme announced by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation for this year.

Quiet Flow The Wadis

When one thinks of a Middle-Eastern country, it’s always deserts and sand dunes that come to mind.

Citadel Of Ice

Mammoth slabs of ice, more than a mile wide and 250 feet tall, leave visitors frozen to the bone.

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