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Thursday, September 20
, 2007


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 From September 14, 2007 to September 20, 2007

Hungary's Thriving 'Kert' Bar Scene

In most cities the modus operandi when searching for a raucous night out in the latest trendy bar is to

hit the main strip and look for the brightest lights. Not so in Budapest.

Quiet Flow The Wadis

Water bodies or wadis that dot the arid landscape of Oman are a treat to the eye

Festive Packages

Qatar Airways Holidays offers a wide choice of packages for Ramadan covering cities as diverse as

Muscat and Tehran to Istanbul and Colombo.

Colourful Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is situated in the American state of Utah. We were so fascinated by the

pictures of the Park that we decided to visit it.

For The Joy Of Doing Nothing!

It is around noon at Kalka railway station, not too far from Shimla. As I step towards the exit gate, a

handful of taxi drivers offer their services. “Solan, Sir”, one of them enquires.


Malaysia has the best of shopping, food, entertainment and adventure, and this week we’re exploring the

last offering — adrenalin pumping action. With the 17th edition of the Borneo 4x4 Safari.

From The Streets Of Pune

Last month, when Pune beckoned, I had no idea what to expect. But believe me when I say that this

city, about four hours by rail or road ex-Mumbai, lives and lives well.

Time Out In The Wild

At Parambikulam, take in the sights and sounds of an eco-friendly sanctuary

Coping With Jet Lag

Crossing time zone can play havoc on your system and leave you lethargic and drained. Jetlag is the

most common curse of long haul travellers.

On A Voyage Of Discovery

Three books, “The Holy Himalayas An Abode of Hindu Gods”, “Hindu Tenets” and “Hindu Rites, Rituals,

Customs and Traditions” hit the stands recently.

On The Sands Of Time

KAYALPATTINAM Once an important trade zone frequented by Greek, Roman and Arab merchants, it’s

well-kept beach today attracts hordes of tourists, writes Soma Basu

Counting Sheep At Cotswold

London’s cosmopolitan and Manchester’s trendy. Nottingham’s become a designer mall and Bath’s a

buzzing tourist trap. Where’s the England of Thomas Hardy, with its colourful characters and quaint local




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