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 From July 27, 2007 to August 02, 2007

A Peep At Paradise

I hold my breath as the plane touches down a few yards from the vast blue Indian Ocean, its foamy breakers touching the edge of the runway.

Our Own Shangri-La

Imagine yourself at a height of 18,000 feet on a rocky ledge overhanging a precipice.

Life, The Kruger Way

My-favorite-place-I-would- never-be-lucky-enough-to visit has changed many times, but been more or less constant for the last decade.

A River Flows Through

It is just a day since water has started flowing from the Mettur Dam. Friends from Erode call to tell us the rivers are full and flowing again, and make for a beautiful sight.

Travelling Twosome

When travel writing is fast becoming a public relations exercise, this writer couple still commands respect in the business.

Magic By The Tethys Sea

Seasoned travel writers Hugh and Colleen Gantzer on travelogues and tourism.

Head For Sa

Women On Wanderlust (WOW Club), a group of women travellers from India, is headed out for exotic South Africa. The ’Best of South Africa’ tour starts from Mumbai on September 17 for nine days.

The Colours On A Body

Radhika Prathipati sees women a little differently from other folks. She lavishes colours on her subjects and immerses them in their surroundings.

Ups And Downs

When reading up on Kumarakoil, I am tempted to visit this ancient Murugan temple on a green hillock surrounded by green fields and a lake.

Deals Of The Week

Monsoon is here and so are the packages from the hotels and resorts to drench you with options to enjoy it the way you like.

Across The Glacier

A glimpse of the indefatigable peaks in the Himalayas — a trek in the Garhwal Himalayas, across the Gangotri glacier to Gomukh, Tapovan and Nandanvan will satisfy all aspirations.

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