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 From July 13, 2007 to July 19, 2007

Look Beyond Seafood In Goa

Holidays remind me of the annual summer holidays with family to Palghat, where I come from. Monsoon is the best time to visit.

Tea Gardens Spice Up Hills Of Munnar

Munnar, Kerala’s most popular hill resort, is considered as a place to relax and unwind.

Dive To Enjoy Beauty Of Corals

It takes just one jump from the boat into the blue beyond to enter a world that is stunningly beautiful.

This Is Not A Case Of Voluntary Dieting!

A rapidly changing Arctic has forced whales to change feeding habits and explore new, dangerous terrains.

Chugging Through Europe

Where trains aren’t slow, boring and never-on-time.

The Silent Wail Of Our Marine Life

A source of protein-rich fat, sometimes to feed the hungry fisher folk, and at times to grease their boats, or simply to be sold as curios.

Fishing For Trouble?

Fishing activities near the crest gates of Tungabhadra dam need to be stopped, writes Karanji.

Where Theres A Will...

When a friend of mine told me about a farmer who has cultivated pomegranate in Tumkur district, I just couldn’t believe it.

Fruits Of Labour

Kushtagi, a small town in Koppal district, has carved a niche in the global map for the bhagawa breed of pomegranates it cultivates.

Enit Declares India As ‘Focus Country’ For 2007

India has been declared as the `focus country’ by ENIT (the Italian State Tourist Board in India) for the year and has planned a series of initiatives to promote and market the destination in India.

Once Upon A Forest

Our Northern State of Uttarakhand is justly famed for its wooded Himalayan foothills and the scenic splendour of its river gorges and snowy ranges.

Streets Of Gold

Though the roads in Zurich may ply over the vaults of the world’s richest banks, the city is much more than a bankers’ capital.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A short-stay home for over 25,000 migratory birds during the nesting season, writes Kausalya Santhanam.

Think Of The Devil!

The African baobab tree is one of the plant kingdom’s weirdest and strangest of wonders. Its massive trunk makes it not only magnificent but also an attention-grabbing specimen.

Urban Jungle

Someone said that one must make time for the moon and the stars, and the gentle hush-hush of the leaves in the evening breeze.

On A Mystical Expedition

We were all set to leave Delhi for Hardwar.Riding our motorbikes to get to Hardwar was smooth but muscle-wrecking! Choosing to stay at the Leisure Hotels’ Haveli Hari Ganga was about the best thing we could do for our aching muscles.

Handling The Nimitz Crew On Land

A Kerala company was responsible for arranging the tour plans for the Nimitz crew at Chennai. These men and women tell Priyadershini Sabout their experience on board the ship.

Love By The Taj

At the Oberoi Amarvilas Agra, located a few hundred metres from the Taj Mahal, enjoy a champagne breakfast, a spa treatment complete with flower bath and a candlelit dinner in the privacy of your terrace.

Mesmerising Monsoon Magic

The new tourism mantra in Kerala no longer adheres to the old rhyme ‘Rain, Rain go away ……’; it’s, in fact, quite to the contrary.

A Bit Of This And That

AP hopes to lure tourists with a mixed platter – cruise tours, jungle walks, Buddhist circuits and golf. Sangeetha Devi Dundoo gets the bigger picture.

My Kind Of Place

Whether I get to see animals or not, forests are the best getaways for me. The intriguing sights and sounds cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Holidaying In Malaysia

Want to getaway to a tropical paradise? Try the Taj Rebak Island Resort, Langkawi. Tucked away in the 390 acre Rebak Island, the resort has villas shaded by palm trees, overlooking Senari straits.

Waiting For The Wild

“If you are lucky, you may see leopard cubs crossing the road.” DFO Nagercoil’s remark was tempting. Excited, I set off for Keeriparai, roughly 30 km from Nagercoil in Kalikesan forest range.

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