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 From May 04, 2007 - May 10, 2007

Pulsating Moments In Penang

A throbbing nightlife, beaches, water sports, Buddhist temples... Penang is a slice of Malaysia you want to see.

‘Frozen’ Frames

Homeopath Mukesh Batra takes a lens view of life during a recent vacation in Switzerland.

A Day Goes By

Bright lights, opulent settings, sirens and imitations of monumental works of art, bang in the middle of a desert.

War And Peace In Lanka

The scorching sun beats down on the dusty village roads. But the people who line the streets are oblivious to the heat.

Sweet Sweet Midi Maavu

The tender Midi Maavu at the fest in Shimoga had Veerendra P M slurping in gluttony desire.

Sanctuary Of Temple Elephants

Harish Halemane takes us to Punnathur Kotta, in Kerala, which boasts of being home to 62 temple elephants.

Of Golden Lanes And Franz Kafka

The St Vitus Cathedral, Musical Fountain, Petrin Tower and Hall of Mirrors are only a few of the many star attractions that Prague boasts of, writes P Srinivasan . . .

Sweat It Out

Heavy rains. Lives lost. Drought and crop failure lead to farmer suicides. This pattern is here to stay.

Buddha's Delight

Sheila Kumar emerges as peaceful as the Enlightened One after a quiet day at Sanchi. . .

Homegrown Heros Go Cross Country

From Kutch to Kivithoo, Rishad Saam Mehta encountered wild asses, friendly truck drivers and fiery kebabs when he travelled the breadth of India.

Treasure Tours & Travels To Tap Medical Tourism Segment

In a bid to tap the immense potential of medical tourism in India, which is pegged to hit a whopping Rs 10,000 crore by 2012 according to a recent CII study, Treasure Tours & Travels is firming up plans to offer integrated medical tourism services.

Abacus Launches Abacus Smartprice In Indian Market

Abacus International has announced the launch of its new product for the Indian market called Abacus SmartPrice, which is regarded to be a new airfare pricing system that claims to boost agents competency.

Enit Declares India As ‘Focus Country’ For 2007

The call of the United Nations, on the occasion of the First UN Global Road Safety Week, to reduce death and disability from accidents will have particular resonance in India.

Tourism Australia To Open Dedicated Office In India

The rapid growth in the Indian outbound market has prompted Tourism Australia (TA) to open an office in India to take advantage of increasing tourism opportunities.

Carved By Time

IF there is one thing nearly as amazing as the Silathoranam itself, it is that this rare archaeological wonder is so little known.

And Thereby Hangs A Tail

Go wild and explore the great outdoors with some irresistibly funny people who write on Nature, says PANKAJA SRINIVASAN.

Travel Website

Online travel in Asia enters a new phase with the launch of Sprice.com, a search engine for airfares and hotel rates.

Lucky At Last, It's A Langur

Lured by the prospect of finding the rare and endangered Nilgiri langur, we decide to take the road to the Korakundah rainforest, 69 km from Coonoor.

Relics Of The Colonial Past

Sprawling compounds, high ceilings, spacious sitting rooms, antique furniture...

Outside The Covers

The e-mailed invitation to visit the Abu Dhabi book fair leaves me somewhat puzzled.

Black Marigolds In Steinbeck's Country

"Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream.

In Their Hearts, He Lives On...

For the soldiers guarding the frozen Sela Pass, Jaswant baba, who died in the 1962 war, continues to be a source of life and inspiration, says Rachna Bisht-Rawat. . .

In Search Of Surreal Moments

Switzerland might mean a million things to million people — from being the ultimate filming destination, thanks to Yash Raj, to the land of precision instruments (think watches, knives and jewellery).

Mapping Out Water Colours

Chandan Sen profiles the life and work of Japanese geographer and landscape painter Hiroshi Shimazaki.

Pulsating Penang Moments

A throbbing nightlife of a different kind, beaches, water sports, Buddhist temples - Penang is a slice of Malaysia you want to see.

Travel Website

Sprice.com, a search engine for airfares and hotel rates, is launched.

To Egypt With Celina

Celina Jaitley is the Egypt Tourism Authority's brand ambassador Negotiations are also going on to organise the IIFA Awards in Egypt.

Madhya Pradesh: A Private View

This vast state in the north of the country is filled with riches yet devoid of crowds.

Hotel Of The Week: The Park Hotel In Navi Mumbai

Fusing Indian influences with the best international design is an ambitious plan.

The Top 10: Holiday Hit List In The Subcontinent

What's new: In the middle of one of the country's most renowned tiger reserves, an exciting and innovative safari project has started.

Calcutta: The Road To Hope And Glory

Calcutta's greatest days went the way of the Raj. But could urban renewal on a large scale lure a new generation of tourists, asks Mark Rowe.

24 Hours In: Calcutta

06.00: An early start is well rewarded with the spectacle of the morning ablutions and exercises at Armenian Ghat, under the gaze of the immense Howrah Bridge.

Mark Tully: My Unending Journey Through India

Travel about the subcontinent and you will find a land of opposites constantly seeking a middle way.

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