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aturday November 17, 2007


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From, November 04, 2007 to November 17, 2007 

Are Indian Oil Companies ‘Bidding On The Riskiest Properties’ Overseas?

Oil price hit $84 a barrel a few days ago, amidst fears that the Kurdish rebel problem would lead to the snapping of Iraq’s supplies.

Q&a: 'Affordable Housing Will Drive Real Estate'

In an industry whose contemporary mantra is to dominate the high-end segment where margins command a premium, Prem Adip Rishi, managing director of MVL Ltd, is atypical.

Dalai Diplomacy

If China thought it had effectively marginalised the Dalai Lama in recent years, it is being forced to think again. In the last few months, the Dalai Lama has once again shot back to international prominence.

India Seeks Peace, Stability In Pakistan

The Indian government, relieved that for the first time it is not being perceived or blamed as a part of the problem during an internal crisis in Pakistan, is hoping for the process of ‘democratisation’ to begin as it closely monitors the evolving . . . .

‘Let’s Think About What Should Be The Centre Of Gravity Of ‘Global’... It Has Got To Be Us, India And China’

Market strategist and consultant Rama Bijapurkar wears her analyst’s hat in her book We Are Like That Only-Understanding the Logic of Consumer India, but without skipping the wit and common sense.

`We Are Making A Mark On International Routes'

We plan to increase capacity by 15 per cent a year, adding another 50 per cent to domestic capacity in three years. Our focus will remain on domestic business.

Q&a: 'The Un Does Not Expect India To Reduce Emissions'

The UN Human Development Report's core message is that climate change could cause reversal of human development in the 21st century, particularly in developing countries.

‘Upa Talked To Me On N-Deal But I Said Go To The Politicians As Talks Between Politicians Are Talks Between Equals’

My guest this week is Brajesh Mishra, former National Security Advisor, former principal secretary to the prime minister, and the chief architect of India’s new strategic positioning in the post-Cold War world.

What Happens When Sub-Accounts Convert To Fii Status

If the conversion of a sub-account to an FII causes a ‘transfer’ of securities from the sub-account to the FII, it would trigger a taxable event.

“We Must Intensify Efforts To Tap Non-Conventional Energy Sources”

The debate over the 123 agreement with the United States has generated much heat.

Q&a: 'It's Important To Make Films For Children'

He came into the movie industry to make music, but ended up making films that have become a talking point in and outside India.

Of Music Mores And More

Santoor maestro Bhajan Sopori, just conferred the highest civilian award of Jammu and Kashmir, talks about carrying forward the musical legacy of Sufiana gharana.

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