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aturday October 13, 2007


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From, October 07, 2007 to October 13, 2007 

Construction Will Continue To Contribute Bulk Of Revenues

The ECC division, which contributes about 50 per cent to revenues, will continue to remain a high priority for us.

Q&a: 'We Have Shown That Museums Can Be Profitable'

Arvind Singh Mewar likes to wear many hats. He is not only the scion of the Mewar royal family, but also a pioneer in heritage tourism.

‘A Successful Scheme’

In an essay titled “Women Employment: An ideal system for textile industry”, K. Selvaraju, secretary-general of the Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA), defends the “apprenticeship scheme” which is currently under attack from trade unions . . . .

Eben Moglen On Free Software

Eben Moglen is Professor of Law and Legal History at the Columbia University Law School, founder director of the Software Freedom Law Centre, and general counsel for the Free Software Foundation, Boston.

Putting A Spin On Things

Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop singer Akon on where he’s coming from and where he’s going.

India Has A Responsible Nuclear Programme: France

The two countries share “a high degree of trust,” said Jerome Bonnafont, French Ambassador to India, in his first exclusive interview since he arrived in India. . . . .

Q&a: 'Our Customers Are Impulsive Buyers'

Archies Limited has come a long way since it was set up in 1979 to sell songbooks and posters.

‘Great Potential To Leverage Synergies Between India And Latin America’

We have two areas of serious interest with Latin America — energy security and food security. We have started investing in the oil and gas sector in the region.

Einstein In Genes

Before getting into the research that claimed this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine, isn’t it immensely significant that it has gone to genetic work?

'Great People Give Me All The Peace Of Mind'

In an era of free market, Arindam Chaudhuri feels the market needs to be constantly monitored and it is dangerous and harmful to allow the market to rule the human race.

“There Should Be Afghanistanisation Of The Development Process”

Afghanistan’s former Foreign Minister,Abdullah Abdullah, on holding talks with the Taliban, and India’s role in his country’s development.






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